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Sell With Us

Selling through Texas Game Exchange is incredibly easy and convenient. You can have your animals delivered right to our facility in Kerrville, TX. If you need help arranging capture or transportation, just give us a call.

Conveniently Located in Kerrville, Texas

Phone number: 830-510-3761

Here are the most common reasons to consider selling animals from your herd:

  • Generate consistent cash flow.
  • Maintain a balanced ecosystem
  • Sale of a property
  • Add genetic diversity

How can Texas Game Exchange help you?

The market for exotic livestock does not share the same transparency and infrastructure as traditional livestock. Most landowners have no idea of the market value of their herd, let alone the steps required to get it to market. This opacity is why we decided to start Texas Game Exchange in the first place.



Are you ready to add thousands of dollars back to your ranch budget?